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Sean Condron, 'A fine broth of a man,' as his mother would say, was born and raised in Sunnyside, Queens, New York City to Irish immigrants who themselves grew up during the Great Depression. At an early age, Sean took up the tin whistle under the tutelage of Martin Mulvihill in the back room of an Irish bar. Soon though, the guitar beckoned to Sean as his instrument of expression. Better known these days for his banjo picking, strumming, and frailing, Sean also plays the mandolin, a mean electric guitar, lap steel, harmonica, piano, theremin, jug, washboard, drums, and has picked up an electric bass when the occasion demanded.

Although formal training at the Manhattan School of Music during his teens and later at both New York University and S.U.N.Y. Purchase could not satisfy his Gypsy head and his Punk Rock heart, it was perhaps the potent early mix of economic displacement, music, and backroom bars that really lead to his restlessness and wanderlust. Whatever the case, Sean lit out for far-flung corners of the globe, as he has played the bars, toured and lived in a myriad of places including Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Guatemala, Belize, Canada, and Mexico.

Though he would site the music of the British Invasion and the early punks as the spark which set the tinder of his soul alight, in his later years, Sean has felt the deep call of tradition and has been drawn back to the music from 19th and early 20th century America seeking out music with the same energy and populism of the punk that so inspired him. In so doing, he has sought resolution with his own history, as, in this earlier era, the sons and daughters of Irish immigrants were playing much of this early folk music - in the backrooms of bars, in the medicine shows, and the circus wandering from town to town. (Twenty years late, Sean has finally run away with the Cirkus!)

In his years on the road, Sean has worked with his own groups and a myriad of artists both onstage and in the recording studio. He is a composer in his own right, having not only written for his own groups, but also for the stage and screen. In addition, his music has earned mention in Rolling Stone, The New York Times magazine, The Alternative Press, The Village Voice, Germany's Die Zeit, and The Prague Post to name a few. Below a list of these artists, you can hear some examples of Sean's work with his own groups and for other artists.

Biography - Artist List - Releases and Sound Clips


A Partial List of Sean’s Co-Conspirators and Credits


Biography - Artist List - Releases and Sound Clips



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